Security Forces Training Support

ATLAS principal contributors bring considerable experience supporting expeditionary missions around the globe. Our security forces trainers catalyze enhanced organizational capabilities through delivery of world-class training and advisory services focused the following areas:

  • Increasing individual and collective tactical proficiency
  • Understanding the role of security forces in a democracy
  • Instilling respect for cultural and ethnic differences as a pre-requisite for preserving human rights
  • Rule of law and justice sector reform
  • Vulnerability assessments with risk mitigation strategies that leverage kinetic and non-kinetic methods
  • Contingency planning and readiness exercises improving the organization's ability to respond to threats
  • Developing comprehensive professional development programs for military and police organizations
  • Conflict resolution, community relations and tribal engagement

Whether supporting US, NATO, Coalition or host nation security forces abroad, ATLAS' in-depth cultural insight and historical assessment of the respective AOR will increase the likelihood of mission success. Our existing relationships with critical spheres of influence within the AOR will further increase the level of mutual understanding between security forces and the civilian population in order to achieve the desired objective.