Cultural Advisory & Foreign Language Services

ATLAS is a professional foreign language services provider with extensive experience recruiting, screening, deploying and sustaining mission-critical interpretation, translation and cultural advisory services throughout the world in support of US Government agencies, the DoD and private industry.

Our language professionals possess wide-ranging skills beyond their translation and interpretation abilities. We catalogue the relevant candidate additional skill identifiers in our recruiting database to ensure that all factors impacting assignment suitability are evaluated, i.e. dialectical capabilities, prior military service, tribe, ethnicity, physical fitness, computer skills, education/vocations and prior performance assessments. We recognize that candidate evaluation for assignment suitability is a significant factor impacting your mission success. We have a well-developed screening process to optimize the likelihood of success. In addition to our pre-assignment suitability analysis, Atlas has considerable experience supporting programs with a wide spectrum of security clearance requirements, and customer-specific vetting protocols, to ensure that each candidate is appropriately cleared (SECRET, TS/SCI, SAP, etc.) for their assigned position.

As with all of our efforts, we work closely with our customers to ensure we understand their objectives and priorities. This enables the rapid delivery of customized and flexible bi-lingual bi-cultural advisory services that meet all program requirements. Central to our success is a high level of organizational agility and responsiveness with customer service that exceeds expectations. Our clients find comfort in knowing that regardless of the language needs, security requirements or conditions (permissive, hostile, uncertain) - ATLAS will deliver.